License Registration

Once Zend Studio is installed, all its features will be available for a 30-day trial. At the end of the 30-day trial, Zend Studio will no longer function. To continue working with Zend Studio, you will be required to register a valid license. You can purchase a Zend Studio license from the Zend Store.

Registering Zend Studio



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To register your Zend Studio:

  1. If your Zend Studio  is already running, close and reopen it. If it is not already running, open Zend Studio.
    A Zend Studio Trial screen appears.

  1. Select Provide your license key, and enter the key in the field below.
    If you do not have a license, go to the
    Zend Studio product page and click Buy.

  2. Click Continue.
    Your registered Zend Studio opens.

You can now begin working with your Zend Studio or see additional workflows in the Zend Studio Tutorials.

Unregistering Zend Studio

Once you unregister Zend Studio, all professional features will become disabled after 30 days.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To unregister Zend Studio :

  1. From the Menu-bar, select Help | Zend Studio License.
    The Zend Studio License dialog is displayed.

  2. Click Unregister.

  3. When asked to confirm the unregistration process click OK.
    Zend Studio
    restarts unregistered.