Zend Technologies provides a wide range of resources for obtaining additional information and support, such as the Zend Support Center, the Zend Newsletter, and the Zend Developer Zone.

Zend Support Center

The Zend Support Center is a portal for information on all Zend Product related issues.

From the Zend Support Center ( you can access:

Zend Forums

Hosted user forums for the Zend product user community. See what other users have to say and get answers directly from the Zend Support team.


Zend Support Knowledge Base

The Zend Knowledge Base contains an extensive range of articles on commonly encountered problems, troubleshooting, tips and workarounds.

Search the Knowledge Base for any Zend product related issue at

Online Documentation

The Zend Product Online Documentation Center is an easily browseable and searchable resource for accessing the most updated information on using all Zend Products.


Open a Support Case

If you did not find the answer to your question in any of the Support resources, you can open a ticket with the Zend Support team, who will answer each ticket on an individual basis.

This can be done through


More information on specific Zend Studio component errors is sometimes recorded in Zend Studio's error log. These can be retrieved, together with additional information, using the Support Tool.

Zend Newsletter

Sign up for Zend PHP email updates for the hottest updates, special promotions and useful developer information.

To sign up, log in to your Zend account at, enter your email address and click Subscribe.

Zend Developer Zone

The Zend Developer Zone is the leading resource center for PHP developers, where you can learn about PHP and meet the experts.
The Zend Developer Zone features the following:

  •  The PHP 5 Info Center

  •  Articles and Tutorials  

  •  PHP and PEAR News Weeklies

  •  Worldwide Job Classifieds  



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