Customizing and Registering Zend Studio

Zend Studio enables you to customize your working environment according to the specific requirements that your project entails. Plugins can be added and removed according to your preferences, ensuring a much lighter and faster operation of Zend Studio.

The Zend Studio Plugin List includes widely used plugins such as CVS, SVN, etc.

See the List of Available Plugins for more information.

Tutorial Content

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • To customize Zend Studio by adding and removing the plugins you want to work with.  The Welcome page includes a list of available plugins, which you can add or remove from your Zend Studio.

  • To register Zend Studio. Once Zend Studio is installed, all its features will be available for a 30 day trial. To enable full features after this period of time, you will need to register the product.

  • To unregister Zend Studio. Unregistering Zend Studio will enable you to change the license number.