Managing Jobs

The following information refers to managing Zend Job Queue, jobs from the Zend Server Administration Interface.

There are three different ways to manage jobs:

  1. Manage Job Rules
  2. Manage Job History

Managing Job Rules

The following procedure describes how to manage recurring jobs. These jobs are created in Rule Management | Recurring Jobs or by using the Job Queue API.

Once a job is created it is added to the jobs table.


Job Management Actions





Search for a specific job by name.

Enter at least 2 characters of the name of the job into the Filter field to start filtering the list of jobs by name.

New Recurring Job

Add a new job to the Recurring Jobs page. Each new job is applied after restarting PHP.

See Creating a new job


Temporarily stop the job from running while still saving the job definitions. Settings are applied after restarting PHP.

Select one or more jobs from the list by clicking the check-box next to the job and click suspend.png.


Un-suspend a job. Settings are applied after restarting PHP.

Select one or more jobs from the list that were suspended and click resume.png. suspended jobs are grayed-out and have the word suspended in brackets next to the Job Name.


A multi-selection for deleting redundant or unused Rules.

Select one or more Jobs from the list and click delete.png.

Edit a Rule

Open the Rule for editing to modify settings. To Edit a job, click on the Job's ID in the Job table.

To edit a rule, click on the rule's ID number to view the rule in edit mode. Make sure to click "Update Rule" after making the changes.

History of a Rule

View the details of each time the job ran.

To view a Job's history click on the History link next to a job in the Job table's Actions column. The Jobs page (Monitor | Jobs) will be displayed.

Managing Job History

The Jobs page is accessed from Monitor | Jobs.

the Jobs page displays information on all the jobs that  have run, are running and are scheduled to run including jobs that were created with the Zend Job Queue API.


There are a few ways that Zend Server allows you to manage the jobs listed in the jobs page:

  1. Global Settings: In Server Setup | Job Queue you can use the option define when to clear completed and failed jobs.
  2. Manually: Using the Delete option in Monitor | Jobs allows you to manually delete one or more jobs from the list. The deletion process removes the job and its history completely.
  3. Filtering: The filter allows you to view a selection of jobs by category, this is especially useful when there are a lot of jobs in the system. There is a predefined filter that allows you to filter by failed jobs and you can add an unlimited number of filters.
  4. Additional Information: View the job's details to view additional information such as extended status information; headers, output and if the job while running generated an error.



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