Filtering Jobs

To access the Jobs page go to Monitor | jobs.

The filter allows you to view a selection of jobs by category, this is especially useful when there are a lot of jobs in the system. There is a predefined filter that allows you to filter by failed jobs and you can add an unlimited number of filters.


The following prcedures describe how to create and maintain filters.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To create a filter:

  1. In Monitor | Jobs click "Show Filter Details" to expand the filter dialog.
  2. Add conditions to the filter by clicking on the plus sign +.png next to a condition in the "Add Conditions" area.
  3. Modify the conditions according to each specific condition's  filter options.
  4. Click save_filer_as.png and in the dialog enter a name for the filter and click save.
    The filter will be added as a "User Defined" option in the Filter list and can be applied be selecting it whenever necessary.

You can also use an existing filter to create another filter by opening it and using save_filer_as.png.


To apply a filter:

Select a filter from the filter list to automatically display the results.


To delete a filter:

  1. Select the filter from the list (it has to be a "User Defined" filter, default filters cannot be deleted).
  2. Click "Show Filter Details" and delete_saved_filter.png to permanently remove the filter.




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