ZendHQ is a system consisting of a PHP extension, a system daemon, and an admin user interface. It allows developers to inspect, debug, and optimize PHP code by monitoring HTTP requests to your server and displaying data pertinent to your application, including function timings, HTTP request and response data, and more.

The tool provides the ability to write custom plugins to expose application-specific monitoring information.

ZendHQ is comprised of:

  • the ZendHQ Daemon = ZendHQ Service
    ZendHQ's back-end component is called ZendHQ Service in Windows and ZendHQ Daemon in Linux -ased operating systems.

  • the ZendHQ User Interface
    An graphical user interface for admins to interact with the daemon.

  • the ZendHQ ZendPHP Extension

  • Z-Ray
    This component of ZendHQ actively tracks requests to your application or API so you can inspect them in ZendHQ. You access it through the ZendHQ User Interface.