ZendPHP Enterprise

If you are new to ZendPHP Enterprise, see these topics to get started:

ZendPHP Enterprise provides secured PHP runtimes with enterprise support, including:

  • Community Innovation with public PHP updates and extensions
  • 24x7x365 mission-critical PHP support with 2-hour SLAs
  • Improved security providing SLA-backed security enhancements
  • Comprehensive support for at least 5 years
  • Expert, on-demand PHP answers

The combination of ZendHQ and ZendPHP makes it easy for teams to optimize and scale their PHP apps. Use ZendHQ for:

Take Control of Your Upgrades With Long-Term Support

The PHP community provides comprehensive support for releases for only two years after their initial launch, plus one additional year of limited support. As a result, many organizations run apps built with PHP code that is no longer supported.

You can confidently use ZendPHP releases for a minimum of five years. That’s because Zend provides comprehensive support for ZendPHP releases for at least five years after their initial release date, including bug fixes and security updates. As a result, you can schedule your PHP upgrades on your timeline and ensure that your business-critical web apps are running on code that's fully supported.

Protect Your Data With Enhanced Security Capabilities

Hackers continually look to exploit web and mobile apps. ZendPHP Enterprise provides:

  • All security capabilities and fixes provided by the community.
  • Security enhancements that are unique to ZendPHP.

In addition, Zend engineers:

  • Work with the PHP community to fix all vulnerabilities in its releases.
  • Update ZendPHP with all security fixes as soon as they are available.
  • Collaborate with the PHP and Laminas (formerly Zend Framework) communities to add new capabilities.