ZendPHP Enterprise Help

ZendPHP offers comprehensive support for PHP, with each minor version receiving a minimum of 5 years of support from initial community release, including bug fixes and security updates. Every release of ZendPHP includes all the capabilities of the corresponding community release, including compatibility with all publicly available PHP extensions and plugins. You also gain added security capabilities and mission-critical support provided by certified PHP experts.

Supported Platforms

ZendPHP runtimes are available as a free download for currently supported PHP versions, with commercial LTS available for end of life PHP versions.


Use ZendHQ to help your team optimize and scale their PHP apps. We offer:

  • Monitoring
  • Code Tracing
  • Security
  • Automation

What's New in ZendPHP?

For an overview of the latest features, bookmark the changelog. To be notified of new patches, subscribe to the RSS news feed!

Ready to install?

The username and password that you need to access the Zend repositories are included in your Welcome letter.

Take Control of Your Upgrades With Long-Term Support

The PHP community provides comprehensive support for releases for only two years after their initial launch, plus one additional year of limited support. As a result, many organizations run apps built with PHP code that is no longer supported.

You can confidently use ZendPHP releases for a minimum of five years. That’s because Zend provides comprehensive support for ZendPHP releases for at least five years after their initial release date, including bug fixes and security updates. As a result, you can schedule your PHP upgrades on your timeline and ensure that your business-critical web apps are running on code that's fully supported.