ZendHQ Extension Windows Installation

There are three options how to install the ZendHQ PHP extension on a Windows platform.

  • MSI installer

  • PowerShell script

  • Manual installation from Zip files

MSI installer

The MSI installer for the extension is the same installer as for ZendPHP. Run the MSI and select the ZendHQ extension option to install it. For more information, see Installing ZendPHP on Windows (MSI package).

PowerShell script

The PowerShell script is called zendphp_install.ps1, it’s the same script that is used for installing ZendPHP. For more information, see Installing ZendPHP on Windows (PowerShell Script).

The only difference is that you set additional options to instruct the script to install the ZendHQ extension, and if necessary, configure the daemon URI.

  1. Pass -zendhq to enable ZendHQ extension installation.

  2. If the daemon is not running on localhost (in WSL, for example), additionally pass -zendhqd-uri to specify the IP address of the ZendHQ daemon.

For example for PHP 8.3, to install everything including the ZendHQ extension and to set the ZendHQ daemon URI to, enter the following command:

.\zendphp_install.ps1 install 8.3 -enable-all -with-deps mibs -set-system-path -zendhq -zendhqd-uri 'tcp://'

Manual installation from Zip package

For users who do their setup fully manually from a zip file, the setup is fully custom. To provide some guidance, review the layout of the package with explanations of which files it contains.

This overview uses the PHP 8.3 zip package (zendphp_zendhq-1.6.0-8.3-nts-vs16-x64.zip) as an example.

  • etc/conf.d/ – This folder contains the zendhq.ini file. This is the configuration file for the extension.

  • ext/ – This folder contains php_zendhq.dll. This is the ZendHQ extension library.

  • debug/ – This folder contains debug symbol files for the package.

  • All other DLLs in the root of the package are dependency libraries for the ZendHQ extension. Place these libraries into the same folder where the PHP executable that loads the php_zendhq.dll library is located.

    • abseil_dll.dll

    • libprotobuf.dll

    • libzmq-mt-4_3_5.dll

    • php++8.3.dll

    • re2.dll

    • zcommon.dll

    • zjson.dll

    • zmsg.dll