Note The ZendPHP installation package replaces your distribution's PHP, which may create conflicts between RPM packages. If you cannot install one of ZendPHP’s packages, we recommend that you remove your distribution's PHP packages and try to install again.

Install the selected version of ZendPHP. These instructions use CentOS 7 and YUM as an example.

  1. Set up the repository for Zend.
  2. Install the php<version>-zend package. For example on CentOS 7:

    yum install php5.6-zend

  3. [Optional] Install any other optional package for web server integration. For example:

    yum install php5.6-libphp-apache2-conf-zend

  4. Configure your web server in one of two ways:

    1. Manually

    2. Use any of the optional configuration packages (Note: these packages are experimental). For example:

      yum install php7.1-fpm-apache2-conf-zend

  5. [Optional] Install any optional extension. For example:

    yum install php5.6-bcmath-zend

  6. Restart the php-fpm / web server process to apply the installed extensions and configurations.