Open Source PHP Toolkit for IBM i (Based on XML Service)

The open-source PHP Toolkit has been developed by IBM and Zend to help you extend PHP code to access IBM i resources. The Toolkit's “XML Service” back-end service, written in RPG and using a choice of transports, including ibm_db2 and odbc extensions, is designed to work either statelessly or statefully. Its stateful abilities enable developers to call RPG/COBOL/CL programs and APIs while retaining cursors, library lists, the QTEMP library, and more, to enable reuse of existing programs for web applications.

As of Zend Server 6.3, the PHP XMLSERVICE Toolkit is included in Zend Server as a library.

PHP Demo Scripts

You can install an application package (.zpk) containing demo scripts from the Zend Server UI's Getting Startedpage that will help you get started with PHP.

For instructions on installing this application, see:

Compatibility Wrapper

The Compatibility Wrapper allows scripts written for the previously distributed PHP Toolkit for IBMi (i5 Toolkit) to continue to work, with requests fulfilled by the new open source PHP Toolkit and XML Service.


This section includes the following topics:


This documentation reflects the latest official toolkit release, which includes the PHP Toolkit 1.5.0 and XMLSERVICE 1.7.8.