Getting Started

The Getting Started page helps users, both first-timers and those already acquainted with Zend Server, to understand the full range of Zend Server's capabilities. This page automatically displays after each login, by default:

Zend Server Guide Page


To automatically open the Dashboard page after user login, un-select the check-box Always display this page after login on the top right.

Start Here

This section in the Getting Started page includes the following action items:

  • Example Application - A good way to start working with Zend Server is to deploy the example application. This Zend Framework 2 skeleton application includes customized monitoring and caching rules, events, recurring jobs and statistical data.

  • Deploy Sample Apps - To begin working on your favorite application platform, you can deploy sample applications that Zend has prepared for you: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, phpMyAdmin, Magento, phpBB, and IBMi Sample Scripts.
    To get started, click the sample app you wish to deploy, and complete the deployment wizard.


    These applications are meant for testing purposes only. Zend does not guarantee their integrity in production environments, and it is always recommended to check the maintainers websites for latest versions and installation instructions.

What's New

Click the What's New label to learn more about the newest features in Zend Server.

The different new features are linked to the What's New reference page.

Great! What's Next

This section in the Getting Started page gives you more info on the key features in Zend Server. Each tab includes more resources to help you understand the concept, including links to videos and to specific related pages in the UI.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery helps companies release applications faster and with greater quality by streamlining and automating the process of bringing software from code to production. Download Zend's Continuous Delivery Blueprint to understand more.

Additional Links

This section at the bottom of the page contains additional links that you may find useful for finding additional information on Zend Server.