Zend Server Best Practices

Welcome to the Zend Server Best Practices Guide.

The following content is a collection of knowledge and information based on the experience of Zend's Development and Product Management team and the PHP community.


  • The Performance section describes how to increase performance using Zend Server .
  • The Security section lists several additional security precautions you can take to secure your Zend Server installation and Web application.
  • The Development section includes instructions and tips for developers.
  • The Deployment section describes the different deployment options (to remote servers, hosting, etc.) and how to go live with your Web application.

  • The Apache Best Practices includes instructions and tips for configuring Apache on Windows.

  • The IIS Best Practices includes instructions and tips for configuring IIS on Windows.
  • The Troubleshooting section includes solutions to known issues, possible problems and an error message reference.


If you have a tip or best practice that you would like to share or see in this guide, please feel free to send it to documentation@zend.com.