Joining a Cluster

Joining a cluster is the process of associating your server with a new or an existing cluster environment. Once joined, the cluster settings and configurations will be applied to the added server to maintain consistency across the cluster.


Only similar servers (same Web server, OS, Linux distribution, architecture and major PHP version) can join a cluster.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To join a cluster:

  1. In the UI, go to Servers | Manage Servers.

  2. In the Action bar, click .
    The Join Cluster dialog is displayed.

  1. Enter the following details:

  • Server Name - The name of your server.
  • IP Address - The IP address of your server.
  • Database Host - The cluster database host address.
  • Database Name - The cluster database name.
  • Database Username - The username for accessing the cluster database.
  • Database Password - The password for accessing the cluster database.
  1. Click .
    Zend Server restarts, and the server is associated with the cluster.


If this is the first server in the cluster, you will be notified that Zend Server has created new credentials for accessing the cluster database. Save these credentials for adding more servers to the cluster in the future.

You can also join an existing cluster from the Launch Zend Server wizard. For more information, see Launching Zend Server.


Existing applications and libraries on the server will be lost after becoming part of the cluster.

Accessing Zend Server in a Cluster:

In a clustered environment, accessing the Zend Server UI through a Load Balancer may affect performance. Therefore, we recommend to avoid accessing the Zend Server UI on multiple servers, and instead define one server as your UI access point, or define multiple servers as access points for different people/groups.