Zend Server Editions

There are different Zend Server product editions: Basic, Small Business (SMB), Professional, Enterprise and Developer. The Zend Server logo at the top-left corner of the UI displays the current edition being used. Support for certain Zend Server features depends on the type of edition you are subscribed to.

The pages, features and procedures described in the Online Help may display an edition label or icon , reflecting this difference in feature-availability.


If you are not sure which edition of Zend Server you are currently using, just take a look at the Zend Server product logo at the top-left corner of the UI.

Edition/Feature Table

This table details the difference in feature support for each Zend Server edition. For more information, see Zend Server Editions.



Small Business



Support hours

Business Hours

Business Hours


Phone support

Web support

P1 response time 2 Business days 6 Business hours 2 hours

Security hotfixes

PHP support

Zend Server Plus with full stack support

Long-term support (LTS)

Zend Framework 2/3 and Apigility support

Customer requested fixes for PHP, ZF 2/3 and Apigility


Monitoring and root-cause analysis

Small Business



Runtime trending dashboards

Comprehensive application monitoring

URL Insight - insight into top URLs

Custom events - programmatic events

Z-Ray - Secured access in production

Z-Ray - end user support

Event-triggered code traces

Read-only access for developers

Event alerting

Integration APIs

Metric and data retention 2 weeks 3 months unlimited

Performance and scalability

Small Business



OPcache - Bytecode caching

Data cache - Data object caching

Page cache - URL caching

Job Queue - Offline processing and jobs management

Session Clustering

Fault tolerance

Cloud elasticity and automation


Application management and deployment

Small Business



PHP libraries and applications management

Application deployment

Application deployment rollbacks

Application deployment automation (deployment APIs)

Multi-Server application deployment


Configuration management

Small Business



Pre-configured Enterprise-class PHP runtime

Centralized configuration management (Web UI)

PHP, web server, and virtual hosts configuration

Environment settings backup and restore

Unauthorized settings change detection and notification

Email only

Multi-Server configuration management

Configuration audit trail


Compliance and Enterprise readiness

Small Business



Alerting integration with 3rd party monitoring tools

Deployment integration with continuous integration tools

Application access control via LDAP

Java Bridge - Java connector

Audit trail for compliance management


Developer Edition Detailed Feature Table

See what features are included in the Developer edition. For more information, see Zend Server Editions.



Configure Your Environment

Save time, be productive, be efficient



For professional developers working on great web and mobile apps.


For development teams working on scalable, business-critical web and mobile apps.

Complete PHP stack with over 80 extensions

Centralized configuration management (Web UI)

Easy PHP configuration

Enterprise database support (DB2/Oracle)

Zend Server plugins gallery


Get Z-Ray Insight



Z-Ray in-browser Insight

Z-Ray Live! for mobile and API

Z-Ray for apps: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and more

Z-Ray for Frameworks: Zend Framework, Apigility, Symfony, Laravel and more

Z-Ray extensibility APIs

Z-Ray extension for IBM i toolkit


Troubleshoot your code



PHP debugging and profiling with Zend Debuggger or Xdebug

Web services debugger (Debug Mode)

Seamless integration with Zend Studio and other IDEs

Manual code tracing (Trace URL)

Quick and easy access to log files


Extend and enrich your possibilities



Integration APIs

Job queue APIs

Data caching APIs

Java connector (Java Bridge) APIs

Programmatic events (custom event)

Fault tolerance


Organize your code, configure your servers and deploy your apps



Application management and deployment

Application deployment roll back

Application deployment automation (deployment APIs)

Virtual hosts management

PHP libraries management

Configuration inconsistency notifications

Configuration backup and restore (import/export)

Cluster support


Improve, perform better



Bytecode caching

URL caching (page cache)

H/A session clustering

Cloud elasticity automation


Monitor and Analyze



Metrics and data retention

2 weeks


Applications and servers metrics and trending (statistics)

Applications and servers monitoring

Application-specific monitoring rules

Event-triggered code traces

Monitor events - email alerting

Monitor events - custom actions

URL Insight


Get enterprise readiness and compliance



Extended role-based access control using LDAP

Extended role-based access control using custom authentication

Per-application authorization

Audit trail

Audits notifications and custom actions


Support and security fixes



Support via

Web tickets

Web tickets and phone

P1 response time

2 business days

1 business day

Security hot fixes

PHP, Zend Framework, and Apigility support

Customer requested fixes for PHP, Zend Framework, and Apigility

Long term support



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