Password and License

The Password and License page is accessed from Administration | Password and License.

From this page, you can change your login password and update your license.

Updating your License

You are not required to enter a license to use Zend Server. However, you must have a valid license to use the complete edition of Zend Server.

How do I get a license?

If you do not currently have a valid license, go to the licensing page to find out how to get a license:  

I already have a license, what do I do?

If you have already purchased a license, you should have received a confirmation e-mail that includes your Order number and License key.




To enter a License:

  1. Go to Administration |  Password and License

  2. In the "Update License" area, enter the Order number and License key that were included in your confirmation email.

  3. Click update_license.png to apply the changes.

  4. Click restart_php_pe.png.

Zend Server will start to run in a fully functional mode.

License Expiration

The Password and License page displays your order number and expiration date. In addition, before your license expires, a notification is displayed at the bottom of the Administration Interface, telling you how long you have left until your license expires and where to go to renew your license.

Once a license expires, Zend Server reverts to the Community Edition mode until a new license is entered. During this time, all the licensed features are unavailable. However, their settings are kept and will be restored, along with the functionality, when a new license is entered.

Further information about your license/s can be found in your account.



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