Edit Rule (Monitoring)

The rule editing page is accessed from Rule Management | Monitoring. To edit a specific rule, click the rule name and the rule editing page will open.

This page is used to edit the conditions which generate an event (as displayed in Monitor | Events).


The following image is an example of a rule, rule layout and parameters differ from rule to rule.


Rule Details

The rule editing page lists all the relevant information for the selected event. The initial event settings are based on the system defaults.


Step 1: Event Condition


Step 2: Event Action

Save Code Tracing Options

  1. Save Code Tracing: This action will save code trace data when an event of the proper type is generated by Zend Server’s monitoring capabilities. Note that tracing must be set to “active” mode.
  2. Awaken Tracing Functionality: This action enables code tracing for a specific timeframe (only relevant when code tracing is set to “standby” mode). During this timeframe, code tracing for monitoring is active and trace data is available to be saved according to regular tracing rules and conditions. At the end of the timeframe, code tracing for events will automatically revert to standby mode.


When code tracing for monitoring is set to “inactive” mode, code tracing will ignore any save trace request coming from generated events.



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