The Events page is accessed from Monitor | Events


The Events page is the main display for events that are generated based on the conditions defined by the Monitoring Rules. Events contain information about a specific occurrence that indicates that your environment is displaying uncharacteristic behavior. You can use the Events page to perform additional actions to diagnose the problem.


The actions that can be performed from this page are Filter, View Event Details and Change Status. You can also search for an event using the event's ID number if you know what the number is.


Each individual event includes specific information about the occurrence, such as when it happened, how many times it happened and other details that can assist a developer in diagnosing the event. More advanced diagnostic information includes information about the request that generated the event or backtrace information.


Each event type is slightly different and therefore the information collected and displayed for each event may differ. For example, a Slow Request event does not include information on a source file or line of code, because the event was generated by a request. The same is true for Java backtrace information: Java backtrace information is only included for Java exception events.



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