Monitoring Rules are defined and activated in Rule Management | Monitoring and they generate events that are displayed in the Events page.


The Monitor component is set to run out-of-the box, based on default settings. To change the Monitor component settings, see Working with Components. To configure a specific event, see Edit Rule (Monitoring) and to view generated events, see Events.


Monitoring is based on a set of predefined rules that can be configured to suit your environment's requirements (such as performance thresholds) or enabled and disabled as necessary. Once Zend Server is installed, the monitor component begins to create events. To find out more about event configuration methodologies, see Working with Monitoring.


From this page you can:


Enabling emailing will start to send emails to the system default email address, if you want to send the email to a different address you have to manually edit the rule.


To apply changes you must restart the server.

For more information about when to disable a rule, see Working with Monitoring.

In addition to creating issues to display events that occurred, you can define a rule to generate trace information using Zend Code Tracing see Edit Rule to find out how to trigger code trace collection from a Rule.



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