What's New in Zend Server

This section introduces new features and components available in Zend Server.


New system for extending Zend Server functionality. Using this system, you can add functionality to Z-Ray or define the routing logic for your application’s requests for event aggregation and better URL listings in URL Insight.

  • Plugins Gallery - new marketplace for plugins. Find plugins developed by the Zend Server community that you think can upgrade your environment
  • Plugin management - easily install and manage plugins in the Zend Server UI, including notifications on updates and 1-click deployment process

How do I develop new plugins?

More about plugins...

Job Queue

Job Queue has been upgraded and improved, and includes a new feature for managing multiple job queues:

  • Multiple Job Queues - allows you to manage groups of jobs that are functionally or logically related, thus enabling you to efficiently set priorities per job groups as opposed to single jobs.
    • Easily create and manage queues
    • Assign existing jobs to different queues
    • Suspend or activate queues
  • Export/import jobs to easily migrate from development to staging and production environments
  • New configuration settings


Z-Ray has been upgraded with an improved UI and UX, better integration with IDEs, and extension improvements.

  • New capability to perform server-side actions from Z-Ray
  • Selective mode - an improved mechanism for allowing secured access to Z-Ray in production, with advanced option to disable Z-Ray in browser while retaining it in Z-Ray Live!
  • Upgraded go-to-source capabilities from within Z-Ray, added debug all/next pages action for better integration in IDE
  • Displays Zend Server notifications in Z-Ray
  • Upgraded WordPress and Magento plugins

Application Awareness

Zend Server can now better understand your applications by recognizing the routing logic for requests. This awareness helps Zend Server aggregate monitoring events, and display improved results for URLs listed in URL Insight:

  • Built-in awareness for Magento, WordPress, Zend Framework 1, Zend Framework 2, Pimcore, and Symfony
  • Define routing for your application by installing a route plugin (see Plugins)


Debugging in Zend Server has become a whole lot easier with easier management, improved go-to-source capabilities from Z-Ray, and XDebug which is now bundled with Zend Server:

  • Easily select your preferred debugger
  • Configure connection settings in the UI
  • Enhanced go-to-source from Z-Ray panels

Platform Support

Added support for:

  • Ubuntu 14.10 (Nginx)
  • Debian 8 (Apache/Nginx)
  • Ubuntu 15.04 (Apache)
  • Deprecated: Debian 6 (will be removed on the next release)