Zend Server is an integrated application platform for mobile and web applications, which:

  • Provides superior tools to enable developers to create higher quality code faster
  • Provides best-in-class app life-cycle automation capabilities from code to production
  • Provides the best back-end platform for scaling, performance and application management

Zend Server 8.5 includes a tested and certified version of PHP and a set of tools to set up and optimize your environment. These tools are presented in an improved User Interface designed to provide all the tools and technology necessary to support PHP environments.

Special attention has been given to creating consistency across operating systems to ensure interoperability and facilitate the needs of diverse environments that use Linux, and Windows and Mac operating systems.

PHP versions 5.5 and 5.6 are fully supported in Zend Server, and have been tested and optimized for development and production use. Commonly used extensions, and Zend Framework, are included with the PHP to provide a one-stop shop for all the resources that developers need to create PHP Web applications.

A complementary set of tools is provided with Zend Server to optimize and extend your PHP capabilities. The tools included in Zend Server are described in detail in the Concepts section. Instructions on how to work with each component are provided in the Tasks section, where each possible task is described in detail from start to end.

Understand Your Applications

Manage applications, not servers: Zend Server provides granular viewing and management of your application ecosystem. Understand your application performance and troubleshoot problems in ways that weren't previously possible.

  • Deploy applications in a standard, automatable way (and define applications from URLs already present on the server)
  • Use new monitoring dashboards to gauge application health at a glance
  • Set caching and event rules for each application
  • See each application's performance over time and across the cluster
  • Get code execution snapshots of any problem for instant diagnosis even after the fact

Scale Professionally

Unpredictable demand from the ever-increasing population of mobile devices can have a direct affect on availability. Zend Server 6 was built with this in mind: it's been designed to enable high-availability and scalability both in the cloud and on-premise. Its API-based structure allows integration with and scaling on a variety of cloud infrastructure and management services, including IBM, VMware, Red Hat, RightScale, Amazon and others.

You'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your open source stack is supported by Zend, The PHP Company. Production releases of Zend Server come with up to 24x7x365 phone support, security hotfixes, and bespoke updates to PHP and Zend Framework (including for versions past regular end-of-life like PHP 5.2).

Ensure Enterprise Compliance

Ever gotten stuck when debugging a production issue because your developers don't have access to the production systems? Zend Server 6 helps bridge the dev-ops chasm by allowing different levels of production access based on role.

  • Assign different roles to users with potentially different permissions for each application, letting operations retain full control of the system and its settings
  • Have your developers gain enough visibility into the production environment to troubleshoot issues without risking the security of production systems
  • Maintain an audit trail of all activities, giving visibility into who changed which settings and when
  • Integrate with existing LDAP user management systems

Use the latest technologies

Want to use PHP 5.5/5.6 in production? Zend Server includes a tested, certified and supported PHP 5.5/5.6 runtime engine. Want to run Zend Framework 2 applications? Zend Server always includes the latest major version of the framework libraries, and production licenses include technical support and bug fixes for Zend Framework 2.