AWS Integration

Zend Server on Amazon is the enterprise way to run PHP in the cloud. An application server with a supported PHP runtime, Zend Server gives PHP developers and DevOps engineers development tools such as Z-Ray, app deployment automation, performance monitoring, request analysis, and configuration management - so apps run faster, scale better, and stay up longer. It is particularly useful for running mobile app back ends that require scalability based on demand.


Zend Server’s integration with AWS CloudFormation gives you instant access to all of the above, by effortlessly provisioning and setting up an auto-generated CloudFormation template, which includes Zend Server, a database and a load balancer.

Automated scaling of your server deployment guarantees effective handling of web traffic fluctuations. As load increases, additional server instances are automatically added to your server deployment. In case of a decrease in load, deployment is automatically scaled down. To ensure high availability at the application level, user sessions are always maintained on multiple server instances.

How do I get started?

User Data

When you manually launch a Zend Server instance on AWS you have the option of passing user data to the instance that can be used to perform common automated configuration tasks and even run scripts after the instance starts. For more information, see AWS User Data.

Getting Support:

For a breakdown of the available Zend Server service level agreements, see
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