Zend Server Z-Ray is an innovative new technology that provides developers with deep insight into their PHP code, allowing them to inspect, debug and optimize their pages, resulting in fast and stable applications.

Z-Ray monitors requests made to the Web server, and displays live and detailed information in a web page component in your browser. This information includes: PHP functions, SQL queries, request variables, errors and warnings, server events, memory use, performance metrics, and more. Debugging and profiling sessions can be triggered in any integrated IDE directly from Z-Ray, facilitating quick troubleshooting and code optimization.

Z-Ray is displayed on any HTML-based web page located on the web server and open in a browser. The information in Z-Ray is displayed immediately as the page begins to load in the browser, and requires no further interaction or configuration.

How do I develop with Z-Ray?

What information does Z-Ray display?


If Zend Server has not been launched yet, Z-Ray's features are disabled and you will be prompted to launch Zend Server to enable its functionality.