Z-Ray Live!

The Z-Ray Live! page is used for real-time monitoring of all requests made to the Web server, including non-browser based requests, such as: APIs, Web services, PHP-CLI and mobile requests.

All the information recorded by Zend Server and displayed in Z-Ray, such as request execution time, events, exceptions, errors, database queries, functions, and more, can be viewed in one centralized location.

Tracking for these requests is commenced as soon as the page loads.


Z-Ray functionality on this page depends on the set Z-Ray access mode.
In Enabled Mode - all requests made to the Web server are displayed . In Secured Mode, only requests using an access token are displayed. In Disabled Mode - all request information is not displayed.
For more information on Z-Ray access modes, see Enabling/Disabling Z-Ray.

What information does Z-Ray display?

Z-Ray Live Waiting for RequestsZ-Ray Live With Request Info