Zend Server Web API Methods

The following section describes the specific actions that can be performed using the Zend Server Web API. Each method carries a different operation or is designed to retrieve specific information from Zend Server or (Undefined variable: Primary.ZCSM). You can use the information described for each method together with the structure defined in Generic Request/Response Format to execute the available API methods.

Method Information

The following information is described for each method:

  • Required permissions - The API key access level required to perform this action.
  • HTTP method - Defines whether HTTP GET or POST should be used for this action.
  • Supported by editions - Lists the Zend Server editions that can perform this action.
  • Request parameters - The list of required and optional parameters accepted by this action. The type of each parameter corresponds to one of the types defined in Request Data Types.
  • Expected response code - Lists the HTTP response code that can be returned in case of a successful operation.
  • Response type - Defines the response type expected in case of successful operation. This corresponds to one of the types defined in Response Data Types.
  • Possible action specific error codes - Lists the HTTP response code and error code that can be returned in case of an unsuccessful operation. Every method can receive any of the generic error codes in addition to its possible action specific error codes. For more information see Error Responses.
  • Response format - This is only defined in methods which return a response format different from the generic response format.

Methods and WebAPI/Zend Server Versions

The tables below list API methods in relation to the WebAPI (e.g., 1.3) and Zend Server (e.g., 6.0) versions they became available for.


The table does not display information regarding changes made to existing methods. This information is displayed on the specific method page.

*Current version