Session Clustering

The Session Clustering page is accessed from Servers | Session Clustering, and contains configuration settings for the Zend Session Clustering component.

Session Clustering provides you with a highly scalable solution for synchronizing session data across a cluster of PHP servers. High-availability session clustering allows effective traffic balancing across your entire cluster, eliminating session loss in case of server failure  and providing maximum uptime for your application.

Session Lifetime

This area allows you to set the duration of the session's timeout limit.

Garbage Collection

This area allows you to set the time interval between expired session cleanups by the Garbage Collector.

Allowed Hosts

This area allows you to enable access to the Session Clustering Daemon by server (for multiple servers you can use a Net Mask which implements Wildcards on IP addresses).

Cloud Session Clustering

This area allows you to use Session Clustering for clusters in the cloud. Selecting this option, will facilitate communication between the various Session Clustering daemons (SCD) by using unicast transmissions when updating each other on their status.