Removing an Application

Removing an application is the process of deleting a deployed or an integrated application. This process includes deactivating the application, cleaning up any Web server configurations related to the application, and then removing all files associated with the application from the server to ensure space is conserved.

Removing your application in a cluster will remove it from all of the cluster’s nodes.


Removing a deployed application removes it, and any traces of it, from your server. If you would like to keep your application files, make sure they are saved somewhere else on your machine before beginning this process. Removing a defined application only removes the application from the Applications list but does not remove files associated with the application from your server.

To remove an application, you must first have a deployed or integrated application on your server.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To remove an application:

  1. In the UI, go to the Applications | Manage Apps.
  1. From the Applications list, select, or hover over the application you wish to remove and click .
    A popup dialog is displayed.
  2. Select whether you would like to keep or remove jobs related to the application, and click Remove.
    Zend Server removes the application.
  1. Refresh the browser to make sure the application no longer appears in the Applications list.


If this process fails, information is available about the failure in the zdd.log file. In the UI, go to Monitoring | Logs to view log file.