Step 5: Developing your App with Z-Ray

So, you've got your code installed on Zend Server. Now - learn how to use Z-Ray to quickly identify issues and optimize your PHP apps.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To use Z-Ray:

  1. Open your application in a browser.
    Z-Ray is displayed at the bottom of the page.


    If you followed the instructions in Step 2: Launching Zend Server, and are using the Development profile, Z-Ray is enabled by default. If however, you cannot see Z-Ray, you may need enable it. For more information, see Enabling/Disabling Z-Ray.

  2. Select a panel to inspect the data tracked and displayed in Z-Ray.
  3. For general instructions on how to use Z-Ray, see Using Z-Ray.
  4. For detailed instruction on how to use each panel, see:
  5. To debug/profile your app in an IDE, see Debugging/Profiling .

Check out the next step in the tutorial, to learn how to use Z-Ray to inspect non-browser based requests as well.