Step 4: Running your Code on Zend Server

How about installing existing code on Zend Server? This step will describe how to download WordPress and run it on Zend Server.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To run your code on Zend Server:

  1. Go to, and download the WordPress app.
  1. Once the download is complete, unzip the files into the your Web server's document root directory. Only files in this directory are serviced by the Web server:

    • Windows: <install_dir>\Apache2\htdocs
    • Mac: <install_path>/apache2/htdocs
    • DEB: The distribution's default location is: /var/www
    • RPM: The distribution's default location is: /var/www/html
    • IBM i: /www/zendphp7/htdocs
  2. Open your browser, and enter the following URL (e.g. http://localhost/wordpress, for OS X http://localhost:10080/wordpress):

http://<server IP>:<web server port>/<name of folder e.g. wordpress>

  1. Complete the WordPress installation process.