Step 3: Running Hello World on Zend Server

After successfully launching Zend Server, it is a good practice to verify your Web server is installed and running properly. To do this, test your Web server by running a simple PHP script.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To run a simple 'hello world' script:

  1. Create a file called 'hello.php'.

  2. Enter the following code into the file:


echo "Hello Zend Server";


  1. Save the file in your Web server document root directory. Only files in this directory are serviced by the Web server:

    • Windows: <install_path>\..\Apache2\htdocs
    • Windows with IIS: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
    • Mac: <install_path>/apache2/htdocs
    • DEB: The distribution's default location is: /var/www
    • RPM: The distribution's default location is: /var/www/html
    • IBM i: /www/zendphp7/htdocs


      See Installation Directories section below if you're not sure where Zend Server was installed.

  1. Open a browser and enter the following URL:

Your browser displays the "Hello Zend Server" message.


If you are using a remote connection, replace 'localhost' with your Host Name or IP.


Remember to use the Web server port you defined in the installation process.