Deploying Libraries

This procedure describes how to deploy a library in Zend Server.


Before deploying a library, you must have the complete library application package ready.

Deploying a library in a cluster, will deploy the library on all cluster nodes.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To deploy a library:

  1. In the UI, go to the Applications | Libraries page.
  2. In the Action bar, click .
    The Deploy Library wizard is displayed.

  1. Drag and drop your library package (.zpk) in the Deployment Package drop-box.
    Click Choose Files to browse and select your application package.
    After the progress bar reaches 100%, a success notification displays.


The uploaded package determines which of the wizard dialogs are enabled. Deployment steps that were not defined in the application's XML descriptor file will be ignored by the wizard.

  1. Click Next.
    The Readme dialog is displayed.
  1. Click Next.
    The License Agreement dialog is displayed.


  1. Mark the ‘I have read and agree to the license agreement’ checkbox and click Next.
    The Prerequisites Validation dialog is displayed.


  1. This dialog displays any parameters specified as needing validation in the library package's descriptor XML file.
    If your system does not qualify, an error message is displayed at the top of the dialog and the prerequisites in question appear in red. Click the link to open Zend Server in another tab in your browser, and then click after amending the specific dependencies.
    If all the parameters have been validated click Next.
    The User Parameters dialog is displayed.
  1. The parameters and values that appear in this dialog are the parameters, and their default values, which you defined in your descriptor XML file, such as usernames and passwords.
    Change any values that are different than the default, and click Next.
  2. The Deployment Summary dialog is displayed.

  1. The Deployment Summary dialog displays the details of the library to be deployed and a summary of the parameters you have defined for the library.
    Select the Set as default version check-box to define the library as the default library version to be used by deployed applications with no specific library version call.
    To change anything on this page, click Previous and change it on the dialog it appears.
    Otherwise, click Deploy to deploy your library.
    Your library is deployed and added to the Applications list on the Applications | Libraries page.