This CLI command launched a single Zend Server with default settings for either a development or a production environment.

Command Specific Arguments

This table specifies the various arguments used in the command:

Abbreviated Full Description Required/Optional



The new administrator password to store for Zend Server's GUI authentication.




License order number to store in the server's configuration. This license can be obtained from




License key to store in the server's configuration. This license can be obtained from




Must be set to TRUE to accept Zend Server's end user license agreement.




Launch this server using the factory 'production' usage profile. Default: TRUE.




The default application URL to use when displaying and handling deployed application URLs in the UI. Default: empty.




The default Email to use when sending notifications about events, audit entries and other features.




The new developer user password to be stored for authentication. If no password is supplied, the developer user will not be create


Common Arguments

This table lists arguments common to all zs-manage commands:

Abbreviated Full Description Required/Optional



WebAPI key name.




WebAPI secret key.




Zend Server URL. Default: http://localhost:10081/ZendServer.

Required - when action is performed on a remote server.



Show usage information and exit.




Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To use bootstrap-single-server:

  1. Open your CLI.
  1. Enter a help command for the bootstrap-single-server action to learn which arguments your command should include:

/usr/local/zend/bin/zs-manage bootstrap-single-server --help

  1. Enter the command with the required arguments (replace brackets with your value):

/usr/local/zend/bin/zs-manage bootstrap-single-server -p <admin password> -o <license order number> -l <license key> -a True [optional parameters- see table above]

Zend Server is launched. Your CLI will return the details of a WebAPI key which is required for using other CLI Tools commands. Save these details for future use:

admin 13b6ff8ba4d559a3340327b2f7b213ad2f5e5a2ecab185a4cf6bf417978c9dee

You should restart zend server after this operation. Can be done with zs-manage restart action.


To access the Zend  Server UI, open your browser at: https://<Server_IP>:10082/ZendServer (secure), or http://<Server_IP>:10081/ZendServer.