Audited Actions

This table lists all the UI/ WebAPI activities tracked by the Zend Server Audit Trail and displayed on the Audit Trail page:


Audited Activities


Logging in and out of the Zend Server UI


Changing user passwords


Attempting to perform an unauthorized action (denied access)


Launching Zend Server


Creating a cluster database

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache for Zend OPcache


Clearing the cache for Zend Data Cache


Clearing the cache for Zend Page Cache


Joining a cluster


Adding a new server to the cluster


Renaming an existing server


Enabling/disabling a server


Removing/force removing a server from a cluster

Code Tracing

Manually triggering a code trace for a URL


Deleting a code trace


Enabling/disabling code tracing (Applies only when using the Zend Developer Cloud)


Modifying a directive for a PHP extension or a Zend Component


Enabling/disabling a PHP extension or a Zend Component


Deploying an application


Updating an application


Rolling back an application


Removing an application


Redeploying an application


Defining an application


Creating a developer access token


Removing a developer access token


Scheduling a new recurring job


Deleting a recurring job


Deleting jobs (all job history)


Re-queuing a recurring job


Resuming a recurring job


Disabling a recurring job


Deploying/removing libraries


Setting default library version


Redeploying library


Saving new license details

Event Rules

Enabling/disabling event rules


Saving event rules


Adding new event rules

Page Cache Rules

Saving a caching rule


Deleting a caching rule


Restarting a Zend Server component daemon


Restarting Zend Server (PHP)

Settings Change

Changing authentication settings


Saving new Audit Trail settings

Studio Operations

Using Zend Studio diagnostics:


Debugging an event in Zend Studio


Profiling an event in Zend Studio


Starting/stopping Debug ModeClosed In Debug Mode, every request made to your server initiates a debugging session in Zend Studio. This mode can only be enabled from Zend Studio.


Open source file in Zend Studio

WebAPI Keys

Adding/removing a WebAPI Key

Virtual Hosts

Adding/removing a virtual host


Rescanning a virtual host


Editing a virtual host


Redeploying a virtual host


Enabling/Disabling Zend Server deployment for a virtual host