This CLI command deploys a packaged application (.zpk) on Zend Server.

Command Specific Arguments

This table specifies the various arguments used in the command:

Abbreviated Full Description Required/Optional



Full path to the packaged application (.zpk).




Base URL to deploy the application to.




User defined application identifier. If not specified, the baseUrl parameter will be used.




Set values for user parameters defined in the package - space delimited (i.e.: "a=1 b=2").




Set to TRUE to deploy the application on the default server (virtual host); the base URL host provided will be ignored and replaced with <default-server>. In case of a conjunction of this parameter and createVhost, the latter will be ignored. Default is FALSE.




Ignore failures during staging if only some servers reported failures (default is NOT to ignore errors)


Common Arguments

This table lists arguments common to all zs-manage commands:

Abbreviated Full Description Required/Optional



WebAPI key name.




WebAPI secret key.




Zend Server URL. Default: http://localhost:10081/ZendServer.

Required - when action is performed on a remote server.



Show usage information and exit.




Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To use app-deploy:

  1. Open your CLI.
  1. Enter a help command for the app-deploy action to learn which arguments your command should include:

/usr/local/zend/bin/zs-manage app-deploy --help

  1. Enter the command with the required arguments (replace brackets with your value):

/usr/local/zend/bin/zs-manage app-deploy -p <path to .zpk> -b <base url> [optional parameters- see table above] -N <existing key name> -K <existing key secret>

The application is deployed on Zend Server.

APPINFO 2 http://<default-server>:80/sanity mtrig http://localhost/sanity staging

SERVERAPPINFO 0 1.0.0 staging