Tasks > Managing ZendDBi from a 5250 terminal (ILE)

Managing ZendDBi from a 5250 terminal

Enter command STRZDBI or GO ZMARIADB/ZCMYSQL - This will display a menu that allows to manage ZendDBI process and configuration:

ZendDBi Management Menu

Menu options:

1 / 2 - Start/Stop the ZENDDBI10 subsystem

3   - Check ZENDDBI10 subsystem status - You can check the status of the subsystem and that of each of the daemons. If everything is running properly it

should look like this:

Work With Active Jobs

10/11  - Start/Stop the ZendDBi daemons without restarting the whole subsystem.

20 - Work with MY.CNF - edit MariaDB configuration file.

21 - Toggle starting ZENDDBi subsystem during IPL.

22 - Show ZendDBi version

23 - Open a MySQL console / shell to run CLI commands