The studioStopDebugMode Web API Method

Stop debug mode on the target server.

Note that if this server is a member of a cluster, it will modify its own directive only and will not affect the rest of the cluster. When checking the cluster management UI, a notification may be displayed to show that this particular server deviates from the cluster blueprint of directive values, this is normal.

Starting and stopping debug mode requires a restart of the user’s PHP server and happens in an asynchronous process. Polling should be performed in a few steps:

  1. Until the server requires a restart, which signals the directive change operation was successful.
  2. Call restartPhp action.
  3. Poll until the server no longer requires a restart at which point the server is fully operational in debug mode.

Version: 1.3

Required Permissions: Full

HTTP method: POST

Supported by Editions: Zend Server

Request Parameters:  None

Expected Response Code: 202 Accepted - For execution as a synchronous blue print change request.

Response Format: Response successful message or error message

Possible Action Specific Error Codes: This action has no specific error codes.


Usage Example


POST /ZendServer/Api/studioStopDebugMode


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<zendServerAPIResponse xmlns="">