Running Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform

This topic describes how to run Zend Server on Google Cloud Platform. The procedure includes configuring and starting a Zend Server instance and accessing the Zend Server UI.

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To follow the steps describes below, you will need the following:



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To run Zend Server on the Google Cloud Platform:

  1. Open and log into the Google Cloud Platform.

  2. Select the Cloud Launcher, and in the search filed, enter 'Zend Server'.
    A list of the available Zend Server solutions is displayed.

  3. Select the Zend Server solution you wish to launch.
    Details on the solution you selected are displayed, including information on the Zend Server instance, pricing details and license information.

  1. Review the details, and click Launch in Google Cloud Platform.
    Step 1 of the instance launching wizard is opened in the Google Developers Console.

  1. Select an existing project to launch the instance on, or create a new project with new billing settings.

  2. Click Continue.
    Step 2 of the instance launching wizard is displayed.

  1. Configure the new instance:
    1. Name the instance.
    2. Select a deployment zone.
    3. Click Management, disk, networking, access & security options to manually define a password for accessing the Zend Server UI (skip to step 8 to skip this step and use an automatically generated password):
      1. In the Metadata Key field under the management tab, enter ‘ZEND_ADMIN_PASSWORD’
      2. Enter your password in the value field.
  1. Click Create.
    The Zend Server instance is launched. This may take a few minutes.

  1. After the instance is launched , click Log Into PHP 5.6 - Zend Server Developer Edition admin panel.
    The Zend Server UI is launched.
  2. Enter the password you defined or that was generated by Google and log into Zend Server.

What next? For information on how to get started with Zend Server, see the Getting Started guide.