Job Queue

The Zend Server Job Queue component provides offline asynchronous processing of tasks and activities that can be run independently of the end user experience.

The jobs approach is used for streamlining offline processing of PHP scripts. It provides the ability to delay execution of “heavy” parts of web applications that originate from direct user interaction with a web server. As result it may significantly improve response time and reduce web server load.

Any PHP script can create a job which will be executed later, separately from a current HTTP request. The job itself is just an additional HTTP request to another PHP script that can be done on the same or different web server.

As opposed to “fire and forget” systems (like cron), Job Queue is a job management system that provides advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Keeping track of batch jobs, including their status, execution time and output
  • Different schedule strategies based on time, job priorities and dependencies
  • Run-time statistics
  • Web-based management UI

How do I create a job?

How do I create a queue?