ZendDBi Management Menu

This menu is used to manage the ZendDBi. Access this menu by selecting Option 30 from the Zend Server 8 for IBM i Management Menu.

The ZendDBi Management menu includes the following options:

  1. Start ZendDBi subsystem -  Starts the ZendDBi process.

  2. Work with ZendDBi subsystem


  1. Stop ZendDBi subsystem -  Stops the ZendDBi process.


  1. Start ZendDBi daemon - Starts the ZendDBi service. The ZendDBi Daemon allows access to the ZendDBi database.

  2. Stop ZendDBi daemon - Stops the ZendDBi service.


  1. Upgrade to ZendDBi


To apply changes, stop and start the Zend Server subsystem by selecting Options 2 (start) and 1 (stop) on the System Management Menu.