Ports and Services for IBM i

This section lists the services that run after installing Zend Server and the ports these services listen to.


After the installation the following ports will be used by Zend Server's components:

  • Java Server: The job name is " ZSTRJAVAMW" and it listens on port 10002. To start/stop this service from the Zend Server Management Menu use Option 24.

Changing the Apache Port

When Zend Server is installed, it is assumed that the Zend Server User Interface listens to 10080. If your environment is configured differently, when you try to access the User Interface, you receive a "Zend Server Exception Caught" error message.


The Web Server (Apache) listens to port 10080.

To fix this, the port settings must be changed.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

After changing your Apache's port setting to another port, change the User Interface's port setting as follows:

  2. Select Option 15 to update httpd.conf file.

  3. Restart Apache.

You can also use IBM's "Web Administration for i5/OS" which will be running on port 2001 (http://<YOUR_IP>:2001.