Zend Server comes bundled with a set of complimenting application performance monitoring features that together help give you a complete picture on how your application and server are performing in development or production.

Application-Level Monitoring

On the application level, Zend Statistics collects information on how your applications and servers are performing. The collected data is shown in the Statistics Gallery on the Overview | Dashboard page, in a series of graphical charts that are displayed on six separate tabs: Overview, System Health, System Utilization, Usage Statistics, Mobile Usage and Mobile Statistics.

URL-Level Monitoring

On the URL level, URL Insight allows you to create detailed reports on requests for PHP pages located on your Web server. Using Requests Insight, you can monitor the most important requests you want to track, and use the data gathered by Zend Server to identify your application's weak spots, such as slow requests, high memory consumption, most frequently called requests, and more.

Event Monitoring

Zend Server Monitoring is an alerting and collection mechanism for early detection of PHP script problems. The Zend Monitor component integrates into the PHP runtime environment and watches for various events such as errors, failing functions, slow scripts, database errors, etc. When an event occurs, the Zend Monitor collects and reports all the relevant debugging information. This information can then be used to perform root cause analysis.