Windows: Zend Server isn't Running Out-of-The-Box

This item refers to Windows OS using IIS

After installing Zend Server, clicking on the shortcut opens the browser with an error.

Possible cause: It could be that your Web site is not running

Solution: Turn on your Web site

Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To turn on your Web site:

  1. Go to My Computer

  2. Right-click and from the menu select Manage.
    The management Console is displayed.

  3. In the navigation tree locate the node "Internet Information Services"

  4. Under this node is a list of Web sites, make sure that the Web site Zend Server is associated with is running.
    If it is not running there will be a red indicator on the folder.

  5. To set the Web site to run, right-click on the folder and set to start.
    Try to run Zend Server again.

If this did not solve the problem more information can be found in the Zend Support Center:

Supported Web sites:

IIS5 users will only have one Web site. Whereas, IIS version 6 and later support multiple Web sites. When activating a Web site, make sure that you are activating the appropriate Web site (the site that was selected in the installation process).