What's in Performance

In the Performance section, you will find information on how to configure and optimize Zend Server and installed components to increase performance.

This document includes information on the following performance issues:

  • Optimizing Zend Server Performance - This section provides a description of each performance component and includes recommendations on when the component should be installed and for which conditions it should be disabled or removed.
  • Optimizing Monitoring - This section provides suggestions on how to implement and configure the monitoring for production and development environments.

  • Configuring PHP for Performance - This section explores the optimal php.ini configurations and settings to get the best PHP performance optimization.
  • Optimizing Job Queue Performance - This topic describes the recommended method of sending data to jobs.
  • Fine Tuning OPcache - This section provides advanced settings to further enhance the performance gains achieved when OPcache is run out-of-the-box.