Zend Server Plugins is a mechanism that enables you to extend Zend Server's functionality by installing plugins developed and shared by the Zend Server community.

Zend Server's plugin system allows you to easily browse for available plugins and install them using the deployment wizard. Plugin developed by you can be packaged and manually deployed, or submitted to the Plugin Gallery for everyone to use. Once installed, Zend Server's plugin management system provides full life-cycle support for your plugins, allowing you to enable, disable, update, and remove plugins.

Plugin Types

Zend Server plugins extend Zend Server in one, or both, of the following ways:

  • Z-Ray Plugins - Enable you to display additional information in Z-Ray that you think is important for your development workflow. This could be information about the specific application you are developing or perhaps information on a database extension that you are using.
    How do I develop a Z-Ray plugin?
  • Route plugins - Help Zend Server understand the specific routing system of your application. Using this application awareness, Zend Server can better aggregate monitoring events to prevent event propagation, and analyze the URLs displayed by the URL Insight feature.
    How do I develop a route plugin?


    Zend Server comes bundled with route plugins for: WordPress, Magento, Magento2, Zend Framework 1/2/3, and Symfony applications.

Plugins Gallery

The Plugin Gallery is a marketplace for Zend Server plugins developed for, and by, Zend Server users. Using the Gallery, you can browse for available plugins and decide which functionality you wish to add to Zend Server.

The gallery contains all the information you need on the available plugins, including descriptions, downloads stats, screen shots, videos, package details, licensing information and a change log.

Built-in Plugins

Zend Server comes bundled with Z-Ray and Route plugins that are installed and enabled. You can remove or disable these plugins from the Manage Plugins page. For a full list of the available plugins, see Plugin Gallery.

Plugin Type

Plugin Name


Apigility, Composer, Drupal, Drupal 8, Laravel 4/5, Magento, Magento2, Symfony, WordPress, Zend Framework 1/2/3


Magento, Magento2, Symfony, WordPress, Zend Framework 1/2/3