Log File Permissions

When the message "Log file /usr/local/zend/var/log/error.log does not exist or missing read permissions" appears it means that Zend Server does not have permissions to read the log file, or, the file does not exist. If the file does exist, you will need to provide the 'zend' user permissions to access the directory containing the file, and read the file itself.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To enable Zend Server to read error logs:

  1. Open a terminal and switch to root using "su" or "sudo -s".

  2. Run the following commands depending on the scenario:

    Zend Server on Nginx

    chmod o+r /var/log/nginx/{access,error}.log

    Zend Server on Apache

    Enterprise Linux 5/6/7:

    chmod o+x /var/log/httpd

    Debian / Ubuntu:

    chmod o+x /var/log/apache2

    chmod o+r /var/log/apache2/{access,error}.log

If this does not work, please refer to the Zend Support Center, at: https://www.zend.com/support