Defining an Application

In addition to creating and deploying an application package, you also have the option to integrate your existing functioning applications with the Zend Server management UI.

During this procedure, Zend Server scans your server for existing directories and repositories, and suggests a list of Base URLs representing logically probable applications. You can define any of these suggestions as managed applications by Zend Server, and configure them according to your personal preferences. These applications are added to the list of deployed applications on the Applications | Manage Apps page.


Defined applications are not deployed on Zend Server, and therefore cannot be updated or redeployed. In addition, removing defined application from Zend Server does not delete existing application files.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To define existing applications:

  1. In the UI, go to Applications | Manage Apps.
  2. In the Action bar, click .
    The Define Application dialog is displayed.

  1. To define your new application in Zend Server, configure the following settings:

  • Base URL - Enter a base URL for the new application. As you begin to type, Zend Server suggests possible paths based on the existing resources on your server.
  • Application Name - Name the new application.
  • Version - Select a version number for the new application.
  • Health Check - Enter a URL for a script that polls the new application for problems (relative to Base URL).
  • Logo - To select an icon for the new application, click Choose File to browse to the file location, or drag and drop the file in the drop-box.
  1. Click Define.
    The application is integrated into the Zend Server management UI.

The newly defined application is displayed on the Applications | Manage Apps page, and can now be monitored like any deployed application on your server.