Debugging/Profiling from Z-Ray

This procedure describes how to use Z-Ray to initiate a debugging/profiling session for a URL request in an IDE.


To use the Z-Ray, the page you are inspecting must be located on your Web server, and the Z-Ray needs to be enabled. For more information on enabling the Z-Ray, see Enabling / Disabling the Z-Ray.


Before initiating a debugging/profiling session from Z-Ray, make sure PhpStorm is listening to debug connections. For more information, see PhpStorm documentation.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To debug/profile a page using Z-Ray:

  1. Open your page in a browser.
    As soon and the page loads, Z-Ray is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the Debug icon , and select one of the options from the menu:
    • Debug current page - debugs the page currently open in the browser
    • Debug next page - a debugging session is launched when the next link is clicked, a form is posted, or an AJAX request is executed).
    • Debug all forms (POST) - a debugging session will be launched every time a link is clicked, a form is posted or an AJAX request is executed using the POST method.
    • Debug all pages - debugs all pages from the current page.


    These action items are only available if the IDE is installed on your machine, and Zend Server is configured to communicate with it. For more information, see Setting Up Debugging.