Tracking Non-Browser Based Requests

While Z-Ray is essentially a development tool displayed on any HTML-based Web page located on the Web server and open in a browser, it can also be used to

track non-browser based requests. So if you are developing mobile applications for example, APIs or Web services, you can view and use all the information displayed in Z-Ray for these requests as well from the Z-Ray Live! tab.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To track non-browser based requests:

  1. In the Zend Server UI, go to the Z-Ray |Z-Ray Live! page.

  1. As soon as the page loads, tracking is commenced, as indicated by the REC icon (1) on the right.
  2. Pause the recording by clicking the Pause icon (2) on Z-Ray.
  3. Use Z-Ray to drill down into the request and view details on database queries, errors and warnings, events, and more. For more information on using Z-Ray, see Developing with Z-Ray.


If you would rather not use Z-Ray Live! for testing these requests, see Using Z-Ray to Test APIs for a workaround.