The daemonsProbe Web API Method

Retrieve a list of daemon restart states according to ZSD messages. This action presents a list of currently flagged daemons and the reason for their flaggin. Inclusion in this list usually indicates the daemon needs to be reloaded or restarted.

Version: 1.5

Required Permissions: Full

HTTP method: GET

Supported by Editions: All

Request Parameters: There are no request parameters for this method.

Expected Response Code: 202 Accepted. For more information see Response Format.

Response Type: daemonMessages=


Usage Example

Request (headers removed for clarity)

GET /ZendServer/Api/daemonsProbe


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<zendServerAPIResponse xmlns="">















<details><![CDATA[{“message”: “error message”}]]></details>






Important Note:

For Zend Serveron Linux, this action is also available via the command line using CLI Tools. For more information see CLI Tools.