Inconsistent Output Size

Description: When a specific PHP request’s output size deviates from the average by the percentage specified (measured per URL) it generates an event. The “Inconsistent Output Size” Rule contains the output size’s deviation percentage (i.e. the amount of output the request has to generate in order to trigger an event).

Information Collected:

The output size in the Group Details helps to analyze the nature of the event. For example if the output size is 0 you can determine that nothing was outputted and try to understand why.

Generally, PHP errors and Function errors are generated at the same time as the Inconsistent Output Size error, which can provide further information.

Applicable Diagnostic Actions:

Click on a link to see how to perform each action tools are listed in order of relevance to helping solve the event:

  • Run the Debugger
  • View information in the Logs
  • Open code in editor
  • Run the Profiler

Possible Causes and Solutions:

Small Output Sizes - It is important to look at the results that show a smaller output size to help identify why this output was so large. This usually indicates that the requested output was not fully generated. Possible Solution - Look for related PHP errors and Function Errors and then view the PHP and Web server logs for further details.