Database Error

Description: When a specific watched database function returns FALSE, it generates an event. The “Database Error” Rule contains a list of monitored functions (i.e. functions that when returning FALSE will trigger an event).

Information Collected:

The most important details are:

  • Function Data - Listed in the Function Data tab.

  • Function Name - As displayed in the Issue’s General Details

  • The error type will show if it is an SQL query error, shell code error, Java code error

Applicable Diagnostic Actions:

Click on a link to see how to perform each action tools are listed in order of relevance to helping solve the event:

  • Open code in editor

  • Run the Debugger

  • View information in the Logs

Possible Causes and Solutions:

Possible causes:

  • Check that the connection to the DB is working. Possible Solution: verify the connection data is correct (address, user name, passwords etc.) and manually re-establish the connection.
  • External code problems such as malformed non-PHP code (code that can trigger a PHP error). Solution: Fix SQL code.
  • Function errors should to help understand the problem according to the content of the error.
  • Use the debugger to find the code/query that failed.
  • Incorrect database queries can trigger the event. Solution: redefine database queries and verify that the correct query syntax is used.